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about Emine handmade

Emine working in her studio

I completed my Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery) in 2008.

Prior to this I studied Complementary Therapies (Holistic Healing) and worked as a Holistic Healer, it was then I discovered a great love of crystals – gemstones in their more natural state.

I was fascinated with the way the crystals looked – such unique and natural beauty created by the earth itself. 

Many minerals from the earth are also found in our bodies and we are all made of energy. Each crystal vibrates to a certain frequency and assists us into coming back into alignment with our own vibrational energy. 

Practising as a Crystal Healer, I would suggest to my clients they carry particular crystals with them, but many simply forgot to do this. This led to me making simple pieces of jewellery so my clients could wear their relevant gemstones. Not only would they always have the right energy about them but others would be able to appreciate the beauty of the gemstones, regardless of whether they understood their properties. 

 Knowledge gained from Crystal Healing combined with skills learnt from the Jewellery Diploma have given me the opportunity to create beautiful, personal pieces that will become meaningful heirlooms.

I create jewellery pieces that will benefit people for generations to come.