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Crystal Essentials Kit 1 of 2
Crystal Essentials Kit 1 of 2

Crystal Essentials Kit 1 of 2

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Here is a selection of must have crystals, to assist yourself or a loved one on their journey with crystals.


Using the second photo as a reference:


Top left: Rose Quartz - Self love and self healing

Middle top left: Apophyllite - Relief from stress and tension

Top right: Clear Quartz Cluster - Mental clarity and communication

Middle left: Citrine - Self confidence and joy

Middle: Hexagon Clear Quartz - Manifesting and meditation

Middle right: Apophyllite - Increase intuitive ability

Bottom left: Amethyst point - Calming and good sleep

Bottom right: Black Tourmaline - Repels negativity and protective


Tin Approx: H 9cm x W 12cm



This selection of crystal goodies comes in a Danish designed metal tin.